5 REAL-alistic New Year’s Resolutions

What are your resolutions for this year? Saving for a favorite vacation, losing that last 15 pounds, organizing your bills and finances? Although these are all really good goals, they are often given up on. We tend to give up on goals that offer us no immediate reward. Although it is good to get your financial ducks in a row, sometimes that could take months or even years!

Often when we fail at our resolutions we blame ourselves, become stressed out, and vow to try again next year. How about some resolutions this year that you can start right now? All these goals either require little or no money. They can all be done in just a few minutes a week. 

Especially important, they are not only easy to accomplish but the benefit your well-being and offer up instant gratification. They are all a win-win.

Man holding sapling.
Gardening can benefit mind and body. Many studies show that planting something, especially plants cultivated indoors during the darker winter months may lift the spirit. This can boost the immune system and overall health, as well as give you a sense of purpose and accomplishment.
Record player. Listen to more music.
Listening to music is believed to awaken the soul and help reduce stress. Dance a little, twirl a little, The brain responds perfectly to music you enjoy. Its like a little treat for your cells.
Pen with envelope. Write letters more.
Writing letters to someone else not only benefits you, but it brightens up the receivers day. How often have we forgotten the wonderful feeling of opening our mailbox and finding a handwritten letter addressed to us? Even if it is just a short, “Hello, was just thinking about you.” It is sure to bring positive energy into the readers life and let them know how important they are to you. Its certainly more rewarding than a thumbs up over a computer.
Walking more has incredible benefits.
Its true we don’t walk anymore. Can you imagine how much you’ve missed around you today simply by getting into your car and driving two blocks to pick up that milk? Can you imagine the incredible health, environmental, and financial benefits you can receive by simply picking at least 3 errands a week to do on foot? Try one and make note of buildings you’ve never noticed, and a “Good day” heard from a complete stranger.
Simply thinking helps your brain sort itself out.
Stop for just a few moments everyday and pick a comfortable place. Now sit down and think. Turn the television of, radio too, yes even your cell phone. Now….just think. Watch. Listen. Feel the breeze. Let your mind wander. This is how your brain reconfigures itself during the day. Your brain needs this time to sort things out and you need it to recoup. Make this a top priority in a world that teaches us to speed through every part of the day. Thinking is not lazy. In fact you are benefiting everyone around you if you think more.

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