5 Things To Keep You Organized Starting Today!

I’m lazy. There is no other word for it, except the fancy word procrastination, which I just had to look up by the way. I also am a terrible speller. There are MANY books out there with at least 100 pages about how to stay organized or get organized. I bought them so I know, but I haven’t read most of them I am also a scanner. I see 100 pages and think, “I need some help NOW!”, not in 100 pages. So, if you’re like me and need instant simple  decluttering know-how here are 5 things you can do right now, without reading an entire book.

  1. Correspondence: When you get your mail from your mailbox, go through it immediately. Throw out the junk and keep everything that you need to have. I mean need as in you have to reply or you need to keep for records. Pick a day that week to reply to them and do it.
  2. Closets: If you haven’t worn it in a year, give it to someone who will. If you have trouble finding a place to put all your shoes, try donating them to someone who has trouble finding shoes. You may want that many, but you don’t have the room and you really don’t have the need. And last, there is no such thing as “fat day clothes”. If you need something comfy, buy a pair of yoga pants. You look good in them on fat and skinny days.
  3. Kitchen: Put your guest dishes away for the guests or treat yourself as someone special and use them daily. You wont believe how much more roomy your kitchen will feel if you have one place setting per person. If something gets used, you learn real fast to wash it and put it away immediately for the next meal. You begin to use what you need.
  4. Bathroom: Find products that work and then stick with them! If they are a bit more costly its OK if it keeps you from buying the cheap stuff every grocery trip. Throw the old out and find a basket to keep the stuff you need daily in the cabinet. Everyone gets a basket. If it doesn’t fit in the basket, it needs to go.
  5. Living-Areas: If your house is cluttered with books sell or trade those you are not reading for ones you will read. If you read them get rid of them…they aren’t going to miss you. If artifacts clutter your home, keep your 10 favorite, put all the rest in a box and tell someone to donate the box if you can’t remember what was in it after 6 months.

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