5 Yummy Things to “Spike” Your Coffee.

“I wake up some mornings and sit and have my coffee and look out at my beautiful garden, and I go, ‘Remember how good this is. Because you can lose it.”

~Jim Carrey

Coffee coffee coffee! I love coffee. I also love creativity. Coffee can breed creativity as well. It need not be a boring brown beverage. Here are a few simple things to add to your cup to spike it up a notch.


Cinnamon sticks
Cinnamon can be warming and stimulating.

A bit of cinnamon not only tastes fantastic in your coffee, but is believed to have some health benefits as well. It may help lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk, support brain health and reduce cognitive decline risk. An added plus, it smells so good!


Although there are slightly more minerals in brown sugars or raw sugars it isn’t significant enough to add any major health benefit. But, it does have a huge flavor effect. Brown sugar adds a bolder taste to your coffee, especially when added with vanilla. There are organic fare-trade varieties available.


A sprinkle of nutmeg in your coffee each morning may aid in boosting the immune system, reduce insomnia, and detoxify the body. It adds a light slightly sweet taste and is often good coupled with cinnamon.


If coffee seems to bitter or acidic for you, try a pinch of salt in the grounds. Although many times, the bitterness of coffee is mainly a contribution of improper brewing, if you generally dislike the boldness this simple trick should help.


Commercial low-fat creamers are popular these days, but many are artificial and over-processed. And lets be honest, they never taste as good. Real cream does have its health benefits. It contains vitamin D, calcium, no artificial sweeteners or flavorings and may even leave you with a little more of a smile on your morning face.