Payment Agreement

By using my services and giving permission to clean your home you are agreeing to the following:


At this time I am only able to accept payment via cash or check. I will however in the near future accept payment by credit card, but such methods are currently under construction and I apologize for any inconvenience.
You, the client, have authorized me to enter your home and perform services requested by you, of which payment is expected the beginning of each serviced scheduled. If no payment is available, and no previous arrangements were made with me, no services will be performed. If you have not cancelled the services in advance, you will be charged in full for that servicing date.
You may cancel your services 24 hours in advance. If 24 hours advanced notice is not provided, full payment for services will be expected. Cancellation is accepted by phone text or phone call ONLY. No email cancellations will be accepted. If there is an emergency please call me IMMEDIATELY.
If you are not fully satisfied with the services provided you must inform me within 24 hours at which time there will be corrective action. If corrective action is not at all possible, you will receive a refund for the specific area of service that you were not satisfied with. No full refund for all areas and full time of service will be provided.
If services must be cancelled by me a rescheduling of the appointment will be made at your earliest convenience. If rescheduling is not at all possible, you will not be charged for that specific appointment and normal schedule will resume as soon as possible.
If entry into your home is not possible on my arrival for the specific scheduled cleaning, you will be charged for the full scheduled service requested.
In some cases requested cleaning services may take longer than expected or estimated during the consultation. You will only be charged extra if I am asked to remain over your requested service time. If you do not wish to pay for the time over previously scheduled or I am unable to stay, the requested service will be completed during the next servicing appointment. However EVERY effort will be made by me to complete requested services in the time agreed.
The client understands that all payments are due on the day of their scheduled cleaning appointment.  Should I not be able to process a client’s check payment the day of the cleaning or the check does not clear for any reason within the client’s control, the client’s account will be subject to a $25.00 fee.
For ANY questions of concern regarding servicing payments or cancellations please contact me.