MIND | Experiencing the Sun Rise.

How often do we check our cell phone, turn on the television, or click away on our computers first thing in the morning? How different would our day be if instead we spent these moments becoming aware of the waking world around us? When was the last time you sat in contemplation while the sun rose?

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”

~Bernard Williams

Most of us take the sunrise for granted…it rose yesterday, why won’t it tomorrow? Experiencing and being conscious of the sunrise can change your whole outlook on the day.

When you experience a sunrise, you are consciously absorbing the moment. Feeling its light, watching it swell above the horizon, and absorbing its warm energy. You reflect on the importance of that moment. The Sun gives the world power. The Sun gives us life. It feeds each and every cell that make our bodies. It gives us day after the dark night. Separating what was yesterday and what is about to begin the today, it covers us.

Every morning the Sun offers a new beginning to what may have felt wrong yesterday. In taking time to let your day start in peace, we attract good new energy. The sunrise brings us opportunity and promises us that all things have a purpose. Where there is dark, light will always follow.

The dark is the settling of the day, a time to let things be and reflect on all that was. The morning is the pop of beginning, a time to contemplate all that is possible!



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